The kindergarten is a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity, and its legal framework is laid down in its Memorandum and Articles of Association as well as in its in-house Constitution.

It is made up of three to four Trustees/Directors, who are not employees of the kindergarten. They hire the staff and make long-term decisions and their main duty is to ensure that the kindergarten meets its objectives as laid down in its Constitution as well as all legal requirements.

We have one qualified kindergarten teacher who is responsible for the day-to-day running of the kindergarten and the development and delivery of the Waldorf curriculum. She makes all pedagogical decisions and works closely with her two assistants with whom she holds weekly pedagogical meetings.

The Management Team deals with the administrative running of the kindergarten and takes medium-term decisions. In addition, it oversees the work done by the School Support Teams and acts on the feedback it receives from the School Support Teams. It meets on a monthly basis and its current members are Régine Charrière and Birgit Möller.

They are in charge of various areas of the non-pedagogical running of the school. These include administration and finance, maintenance, fundraising, premises, publicity and social events. They are made up of parents and friends of the school. In some instances, professionals are hired, for example accountants or solicitors, but usually these tasks are unpaid. They make short-term decisions relevant to their teams in close consultation with the teacher and the Management Team.

It meets once a term and includes everyone interested and involved in the kindergarten. The Association is interested in and wants the best outcome for the whole of the kindergarten and receives updates from each team during its meetings. It appoints the members of the School Governance Team by voting. All parents and staff automatically become members of the Association on joining the kindergarten, but have the option to withdraw from it.