Parent involvement

Our kindergarten relies upon the active involvement of parents. By participating in the life of the kindergaraten, not only do parents become involved in our small community, but gain a greater and practical insight into the workings of the Waldorf Philosophy.

Parents’ contributions together with the fees enable the kindergarten to function. As a way of sustaining and nourishing the kindergarten community these contributions have many advantages:

  • Children see their parents as part of the kindergarten, modelling co-operation. This is hugely beneficial to the child’s sense of belonging and understanding of social cohesion.
  • It provides a route for parents to get involved in the community, and to meet other parents.
  • It gives parents a sense of “ownership” of the kindergarten, while keeping fees down.
  • Tasks are carried out with love and care, which contributes to the kindergarten’s special atmosphere.
  • Parents can engage with each other and the school through a balance of practical work and formal meetings.

There are many ways in which parents can contribute to the life of our kindergarten:

  • Being part of the kindergarten’s cleaning and laundry rota
  • Participating actively in the organisation and running of our annual Christmas Fair, which is the kindergarten’s main fundraising and social event of the year
  • Organising other fundraising and social events (e.g. barn dance)
  • Accompanying children on outings
  • Helping on school workdays,
  • Helping with our publicity efforts, including running stalls at education events, distributing flyers, supporting open days
  • Repairing and improving the grounds
  • Being part of one of our kindergarten Support teams.