The Waldorf curriculum is non-denominational and respects the individual beliefs of families. Children of any ethnic or religious background are welcomed to our kindergarten.

Seasonal festivals serve to connect humanity with the rhythms of nature and the cosmos. Festivals at our kindergarten are now part of the annual tradition and are looked forward to by the children, parents and teachers every year.

In kindergarten, the celebration of festivals helps the children to foster a sense of the seasons, the rhythm of the year and a natural reverence for the wonder and beauty of life and nature. There is joy in the preparation, the anticipation and the celebration itself. The children are actively involved in the preparations for each celebration through activities, songs, rhymes and stories, and parents are invited to join in a festival at least once a term.

The main festivals celebrated in kindergarten are Michaelmas/Harvest, Martinmas, Advent, Christmas, Easter, Whitsun and St. John’s Day. Families are also welcome to bring their own festivals to kindergarten. In previous years our celebrations have included Chinese New Year, the Birth of Buddha, Eid and Yom Kippur.