We began our journey with Régine and The Children’s Garden when our eldest son was one year old for the Parent and Child sessions. It immediately felt like a nourishing space for him to experience the world, and for me to be supported as a new mum. The feeling of community was instant – lots of diverse cultures coming together to raise our children. He has since continued into the kindergarten and we have watched him grow in confidence and ability; he thrives in the co-creation, and crafts, with the natural world, and as a family we all enjoy the festivals that punctuate each year. We are extremely grateful, and forever in admiration, for how Régine, Rasa and Natalie hold the space for the children. We feel very lucky to be part of this very special community and look forward to younger brother joining when he turns 3.
LC family

We were delighted when we learned of the existence of a Steiner kindergarten so close to our home. It is a wonderful community for our daughter and us to be part of. The new location in Ham has a beautiful garden with plenty of room to play, climb, explore and grow vegetables. During the settling-in period (which I was very grateful for, especially with it being the first time our daughter was away from home), I was very impressed with how calm the environment was. I love the pace and rhythm of the kindergarten and it has truly felt like an oasis during these times.

My daughter joined the parent and child group at 10 months and my son at only a few weeks old – both went on to kindergarten. The Children’s Garden was fundamental to their early years and to me as a parent and it helped us all grow and learn so much. We are so grateful for every day they spent there. They were truly happy and deeply nourished in the beautiful natural environment with so much time outside. We loved being part of the community that felt so safe and supportive, and we completely trusted Regine and Rasa with our children. I couldn’t have hoped for a better place to send my children and I would whole heartedly recommend The Children’s Garden to anyone.